Matrimonial Assets

Who will get the house in a divorce? What happens if my husband/ wife is hiding their property? Can I still get the house even though I didn’t contribute financially towards it?

For parties currently undergoing divorce, the division of matrimonial assets is often the biggest issue. Your matrimonial assets usually include your bank savings, your fixed deposits, your investments, your CPF monies, insurance policies, and your other assets which have been accrued during the marriage or have been substantially improved throughout your marriage.

Our divorce specialists are experienced in disputes relating to the division of matrimonial assets, and will be able to advise you on the right percentage of division by applying existing legal principles.

Every case is unique and different.

We have seen cases where parties’ have had a long marriage on paper, but in reality, the couple only had less than a few years of “genuine marital union” – in such a special circumstance, the principles of long marriage may not be applicable. In UAT v UAU [2017] SGFC 49, we managed to obtain a fair and equitable division in favour of our client in court, which we took pride in.

Concealment of assets

You sense that your spouse is hiding and dissipating his assets. You are probably right. However, you have no evidence to prove the same, and you are probably in distress and think that your right to the pool of matrimonial assets will be diminished. Don’t fret. We will be able to advise you on how to apply to the court to discover certain financial documents, in order to “discover” the “dissipation”.