Who can become a Singapore Permanent Resident?

First, you will have to satisfy one of the following criteria. You will need to be:

  • The spouse of a Singapore citizen or PR
  • The child (unmarried) below the age of 21, who is born to or legally adopted by a Singapore citizen or PR
  • An aged parent of a Singapore citizen
  • An S Pass or Employment Pass holder
  • A foreign investor in the country
  • A student studying in the country

Why become a Singapore Permanent Resident?

As a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR), you are able to:
Live, work, study and retire in Singapore without a need to apply for a separate visa.

  • Include your spouse and unmarried children below age 21 in your PR application.
  • Enjoy the financial and tax benefits provided by the Central Provident Fund (CPF). CPF can be used for housing, healthcare, insurance, investment and retirement.
  • Switch jobs freely without the hassle of re-applying for a work permit.
  • Eligible to buy public housing (HDB) on the resale market. (Only Citizens are allowed to purchase new ones)
  • Eligible to apply for Singapore Citizenship after two years of being granted PR status.

Why choose us over a typical immigration firm?

A few years ago, our Ms Jocinda Wong has gone through the exact process and was convinced to obtain assistance from a local immigration company (who proclaimed to be an expert) to assist her in applying for PR due to her busy court schedule. She was promised that she would have a seamless process in her application. However, to her horror, the papers prepared by this company were not up to her standard and her full name was even wrongly typed on the application form – which was a fatal mistake! She ended up spending her Friday night to re-type the forms and papers for submission the next day! One can imagine how stressful and traumatic the process could be. The said company could not even answer to the mistakes they have done to her application. We honestly cannot fathom how many clients would have to face such issues like her – having to pay exorbitant fees in return of low work quality and lack of accountability.

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Reasonable and Affordable Price Package  

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