Custody, Care and Control of Children

Issues relating to children are complex and sensitive ones. As experienced family practitioners, we know how much divorce can impact the lives of children. Our divorce specialists believe in supporting our clients as well as the children during the divorce process – and our clients view us as family.
As a starting point, child custody should be differentiated from care and control – we understand that these terms are confusing to those who are not familiar with divorce concepts.


Essentially, custody refers to who makes the major decisions for their children in aspects such as education, religion, and medical matters.
As a starting point, joint custody is the usual order given by the Courts.
If you have compelling reasons to argue for sole custody, please feel free to discuss this issue with our divorce specialists. However, we should warn you that sole custody is usually reserved for extreme cases.

Care and control

Meanwhile, care and control refers to who makes decisions for the children in their day-to-day activities as their primary caregiver.
If you feel that you are the primary caregiver of the children, you should discuss with us if it is right to argue for care and control of the children. If you have agreed to allow your spouse to be the care and control parent, it does not make you any lesser in the children’s lives – you have the right to have a reasonable amount of quality access time to your children. In certain situations, we will be able to advise you if a shared care and control arrangement is feasible.
Our family lawyers have a wealth of experience in family litigation. Some of our clients’ children have gone on to excel in their studies and in their career. We take pride in our family practice and will do what we can to assist you and your children.