Divorce Process


You can initiate divorce proceedings against your spouse by filing a Writ for Divorce and other relevant court documents in the Family Justice Courts. Your lawyers should be able to advise you on the appropriate documents to be filed. If you have children below 21 years old as of 21 January 2018, you must register yourself for the Mandatory Parenting Programme with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (“MSF”) to obtain the Certificate of Completion. This Certificate is crucial for the filing of the divorce.

Divorce proceedings involve two-stages – the divorce and ancillary stages. The divorce stage deals with your marital union with your spouse, while the ancillary stage deals with other issues, which as your property, your children, your assets, and many more.

Consensus between parties – the simplified process

If you and your spouse have come to a consensus regarding the divorce and the ancillary matters, the fastest way to move on is through the filing of a simplified divorce. Our lawyers can assist you to negotiate a settlement with your spouse. You can save a lot of time and money through a simplified divorce process. East Asia Law Corporation is equipped with the right lawyers who can assist you in negotiating with your spouse.

If there is no consensus between parties, you have to commence divorce using the normal way. Our lawyers will be able to assist you in the filing of the same. Once the documents are served on your spouse, we will be able to assist you in mediating for the best outcome. For cases involving children, our lawyers are committed towards providing the best outcome for your children’s interests. We keep litigation as a last resort so as to avoid animosity and tensions as much as possible so that your children will not be overly stressed.