Family Lawyer / Annulment

Pre-nuptial agreements

At our law firm, our family lawyer can assist couples to draft pre-nuptial agreement, ante nuptial agreement, or premarital agreement which could be abbreviated to prenupt. It is a legal contact for couples before marriage and commonly involves division of property and spousal support in event of marriage failure.

Divorce in Singapore

Couples have to be married for at least 3 years before filing a writ for divorce. However, court does grant permission for some exceptions for filing writ before 3 years of marriage

The court will only be satisfied that marriage has broken down on the followings basis with proofs:

  • Adultery of the defendant
  • Unreasonable behaviour of the defendant
  • Desertion by the defendant for 2 years
  • Separation for 3 years when defendant agrees to a divorce
  • Separation for 4 years regardless defendant agrees to a divorce

We have experienced divorce lawyers to assist by giving professional divorce advice and filing for annulment subject to divorce / family law in Singapore

Variation of orders

After obtaining a divorce, courts do allow a person to apply variation of order for consideration and this is where our attorneys/lawyers can help you.


Under the law, parents are responsible for maintaining the child, and whovever has custody of the child can apply for the maintenance. Our lawyer can assist in the application of the maintenance order so that the child is provided financially.

Personal Protection

Our family lawyers can assist in the application for person protection order at the family court.

Adoption / Guardianship

Adoption of a child is only and must be recognized by a court order which can be complicated. Our team of family lawyers can assist in the process of the adoption.

Guardianship cases can also be time and effort consuming, and our lawyers are trained to resolve problems while going through the process of obtain guardianship from the court.