Personal Injury Lawyer - Singapore Accident Claims

Traffic Accident Claims in Singapore

As one of the best of law firms in Singapore, we have experienced personal injury lawyers specialised in accident claims. At our law firm, our lawyers will determine the liabilities and quantum of your motor accident claims and build a case for you from your accident reports, accident related medical reports and vehicle surveyor report. Medical bills, medical certificate and transport claims will help us to quantify the amount of claims for loss of income and personal injury. It is also highly recommended that in the event of a motor accident to have photographs taken of personal injuries and vehicle damages.

Workplace Accident Claims in Singapore

Accidents in workplaces can happen unexpectedly and usually result in severe loss of income, disability or even death. Such cases can be extremely devastating to affected family dependents. Our experienced personal injury lawyers have represented countless individuals in such personal injury claims. At our law firm, our lawyers are well versed on the WORK INJURY COMPENSATION ACT and can professionally advice you on the procedure of accident claims. We will be with you at every step of the way, from initial application with MOM to ensuring that you get the final claims from your employer or their insurer.

Medical Negligence Claims in Singapore

Medical negligence can very often be fatal and heart breaking when you consider how a medical condition can sometimes turn for the worse in the hands of your healer, doctor or your caregiver. Medical negligence cases can be complex and can arises from misdiagnoses, medication mistakes like overdoses or wrong medical prescriptions, surgical errors or mistaken patient identity to name a few. Our lawyers are experienced in this domain to guide you through the complexities and rightly claim for your material losses, resulting physical disability, disfigurement or the lost of a loved one.